Global Investment Management

At Jackson Financial Management, we believe that truly sustainable wealth results from intelligent, disciplined decisions made over the long run.

Our investment management capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Global investment scope
  • Investment strategy review
  • Investment manager due diligence
  • Investment portfolio design & implementation
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Tactical asset allocation
  • Alternative investments
  • Tax-aware and tax-efficient investment management
  • Performance measurement

We employ a disciplined investment strategy designed to prudently participate in investment opportunities while striving to manage downside risk and providing flexibility & liquidity. An investment portfolio will typically be constructed using a combination of mutual funds, individual stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), fixed income instruments of various maturities, and other security types that provide us the desired exposures to global macro trends & opportunities that we think will benefit client portfolios.

While we believe in a long-term approach to investing, your portfolio will not remain idle. We carefully & continually monitor the performance of each security, asset class, account, and overall investment portfolio under our discretionary management. We tailor an investment strategy to your risk tolerance/capacity, liquidity needs, tax situation, and investment horizon – and adjust the strategy as needed.

In addition to designing an investment strategy that reflects your financial situation, we can also help craft a holistic financial plan that fully integrates and coordinates with your investment strategy – helping to meet your goals, values, lifestyle & legacy plan.

Jackson Financial Management provides transparent and comprehensive portfolio performance reports on a quarterly basis, as well as on-request and during client review meetings. An independent, third-party custodian provides periodic account statements, transaction confirmations, and year-end tax reporting.