Comprehensive Financial Planning

At Jackson Financial Management, we strongly believe in the value of the comprehensive financial planning process. In fact, we encourage new clients to undergo an initial financial plan with us before we begin to manage their investment assets. We liken our philosophy to your doctor performing a comprehensive medical exam before he or she prescribes your medicine or provides medical advice.

Your comprehensive financial plan can serve as the foundation for your advisory relationship with the Jackson Financial Management team. We begin with a draft of your Initial Financial Plan, which contains a detailed look into your personal goals, current financial situation, various what-if scenarios, and recommendations. You provide us with feedback and we continue to update your plan as life happens. The result is a dynamic roadmap for accomplishing your goals and an organized framework for making intelligent financial decisions that lead to sustainable wealth.

At Jackson Financial Management, we do not view financial planning as a static, one-time event; instead, we believe a comprehensive financial plan is best seen as a flexible, dynamic process that is updated regularly to reflect changes in your life. It requires ongoing communication & accountability between you and your advisory team.

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning can, depending upon your needs, include:

  • Identifying & prioritizing financial goals
  • Detailed advance cash flow & tax planning
  • Retirement & financial independence planning
  • Education funding planning
  • Survivor income planning
  • Employee/executive benefits planning
  • Liquidity planning
  • Risk management & insurance analysis
  • Purchase/financing strategies
  • Debt management/reduction
  • Financial decision modeling
  • Advanced estate plan review & design
  • Investment asset allocation planning
  • Asset protection planning